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Having ministered at the invitation of Bishop Leroy Cousar on several occasions and earning the respect of the church body for his assistance and leadership during Bishop Cousar's transition and homegoing, the former Minister Bennett B. Gamble, Sr. was no stranger to New Beginning. Agreeing to come share in prayer and bible study, he was a welcomed arrival.

Unbeknown to anyone, this was God's divine order for Minister Gamble and New Beginning. Shortly after the initial service, Minister Gamble was asked to serve as Interim Pastor by the Trustee Board. Clearly recognizing the enormous spiritual responsibility and life changing decision this would be, he immediately sought the Lord in prayer and the advisement of his Pastor, Bishop Alphonzo D. Brooks.

After careful consideration, Minister Gamble accepted the Trustee Boards invitation and along with his family, began to serve New Beginning church. He also dually continued his commitment to his home church Way of the Cross, for over 6 months. With the prayers and support of his family, church members and friends, Minister Gamble was ordained an Elder in the Way of the Cross Churches International in August 2001 and officially installed as Pastor in October 2001, re-establishing the church as New Beginning Way of the Cross under his leadership. In 2013, he was elevated to the office of Bishop.

Bishop Gamble serves the church with a passion unlike any other leader. The church membership continues to grow considerably with each weekly bible study, worship service and outreach. It is the ultimate goal of this branch of Zion to continue to win souls for Christ and make notable, positive impacts in the community.

Our church is a proud member of the

Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International

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