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Youth Ministry


“How do we live?”…”By the book!” “How do we live?”…”By the book!” With a preachy style of exhortation, this is the call and response from a group of youth that make you sit up and take notice. Rightly identified as NEXT GENERATION, these young people offer music and scripture recitation that is refreshingly different. Through choreographed presentations of praise and worship based on their own knowledge of the Word of God, a NEXT GENERATION performance is an experience to remember.

At the genesis of NEXT GENERATION is its creative force, Bishop Bennett B. Gamble, Sr. Known throughout the D.C. Metropolitan Area as a preacher’s musician and the former musical director of a national award winning youth choir, Bishop Gamble’s passion for youth ministry and music are apparent as NEXT GENERATION.

NEXT GENERATION has been showcased at the Way of the Cross, International's, Holy Convocations and Jubilees since 2004.  They were also featured on the main stage of the Millions More Movement in October 2005, and the 19th Annual Black Family Reunion Celebration on the Washington National Monument Mall in September 2004, and the Apostolic Pentecostal Fellowship in 2016 and 2017. They have also ministered at numerous faith-based community events, in the concert halls of historical universities and in the sanctuary of many local churches to promote their no limit commitment to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

NEXT GENERATION looks forward to every opportunity to empower their peers through the Word. For ministry opportunities, please contact the church office.




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