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Bishop Leroy Cousar, Predecessor


In March 1994, then Elder Leroy Cousar began holding weekly bible study with a small group of believers at the New Light Baptist Church in Capital Heights,Maryland, and later in the basement of the home of one of the group members. At the conclusion of several spirit filled bible study sessions, the consensus of the group was - that a church would indeed be established under the leadership of Elder Cousar and a name would be selected. 

Many names were submitted, however, there was one name that stood out from all the others. On March 28, 1994, led by the Lord, The New Beginning Evangelistic Church of Christ was established. Elder Cousar began the tremendous task of locating a place to hold worship services and on May 15, 1994, the first Sunday Morning Worship Service was held at Hillcrest Heights Special Center in Temple Hills, Maryland. In October 1994, Apostle Lymus Johnson, Overseer of the Evangelistic Churches, officially installed Elder Cousar as Pastor of the New Beginning Evangelistic Church of Christ. 

New Beginning Church continued to hold services at the Hillcrest Heights Special Center on Sundays and Fridays. In July 1995, during the 21st Holy Convocation of the Evangelistic Churches, Apostle Johnson bestowed the office of Bishop upon Elder Cousar within the Evangelistic Church Movement. 

As the church progressed, Bishop Cousar, desired to give the church its own home. Several properties were viewed, however, for one reason or another, commitments to purchase could not be confirmed. After many hours of fruitless efforts, Bishop Cousar was made aware of a small building, already established as a house of worship, for sale in the Northeast section of Washington, DC. After many discussions with that Pastor, an agreement was reached and on April 3, 1998, the New Beginning Evangelistic Church of Christ purchased the property at 4928 Blaine Street, Northeast. 

Many spirit filled services were held under the leadership of Bishop Cousar. It was his vision for a sanctuary overflowing with saints, nurtured by the unadulterated word of God. When Bishop Cousar became ill, the church remained his priority. Even in obvious pain, he never allowed his condition to effect his love and commitment for the church. New Beginning Church lost its Founding Pastor, Bishop Leroy Cousar on October 29, 2000. 

While deeply saddened by his death, the church membership was determined to continue to carry out his vision. An Interim Pastor was selected and served New Beginning Evangelistic Church of Christ until April 2001. 


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